Maestro Card

This is a debit card launched by MasterCard in the year 1992. You can use this on various online platforms for making payments.

Using MaestroCard at Casinos

It works like a simple debit card and is linked to your current casino account. To make deposits in your account, you need to enter your card number on the payment page. The transaction will be processed by the bank if you have funds in your account. The transaction is processed quickly. The transactions done using this card are easy to process and are reliable. You can use this card at all online casinos with a Maestro logo.

What is MaestroCard?

It is a debit card owned by a well-known company MasterCard. As it comes under the umbrella of MasterCard, you can totally trust its security. This card is accepted around 12 million outlets around the world. Being a debit MasterCard, it is a very safe choice for casino punters as you cannot spend over a particular limit using it.

Why MaestroCard?

One of the biggest reason for using it is that you can be totally sure that you are dealing with a reputed debit card company. Moreover, it is very convenient to use as you don’t have to enter any extra information or create a separate account for processing the transactions.

MaestroCard Customer Support

If you are using a MaestroCard means you are the customer of MasterCard and can enjoy all the customer services of the operator. You can contact the customer service through email or phone. You can also contact the service centre office for any of your queries.