Bank Transfer

It is an easiest and well-known method for making online payments. The process is very simple and same from all geographical locations.

Using Bank Transfer at casinos

This is a simple method of transferring funds from one account to another. Different banks have different methods for transferring funds and they have different time limits. Moreover, you are charged different processing fee depending upon your bank operator. If you want to deposit money in your casino account then check whether your favourite casino offers this facility. It is always advisable to use the local transfer as international money transfer will cost you much more than the local money transfer. The bank will charge you processing fees yet it is the cheapest method available for making an online payment.

What is Bank Transfer?

This method is also known as wire transfer, ACH, direct bank transfer, bank wire and is a popular method for making online payments. To transfer funds through this method, you just need the bank details of the recipient. The bank is responsible for all the transfers and it charges an extra processing fee for it. Moreover, you need a special IBAN number for international transfers.

Why Bank Transfer?

It is a very popular method around the world. It is easy, reliable and safe and you know you are sending money in the right hands as no third-party is involved.  It is very fast as compared to other methods available in the payment service market.

Bank Transfer Customer Support

You can directly contact your bank for any assistance regarding the the transaction. You can drop an email or go to the bank physically for any assistance.