How to play live casinos online?

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Online Casinos are quite in trend right now. They bring the excitement of a casino right to your home. But there are gamblers who miss the whole glitz and glamour, the social networking, the sound of the dealers calling, the cards being dealt and the dice rolling around the table games. The live casinos are launched to give the gamblers a feel of the real casino from the comfort of the home. These live casinos are streamed with professional dealers live from a studio. Though all the games are not available right now, you can expect Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat games in most of the Live Casinos.

How does live casino work?

The online casino will give you a few table options when choosing to play the live casinos. Once you have chosen you will be directed to play at a table with a live dealer. Depending on the game you will either be playing against a dealer or in some cases against other players. Most casinos offer multiplayer options. When the game starts, the table and the dealer is streamed in the UI. The information on the GUI is always in sync with the dealer. The players are given an option to choose a simple GUI or a GUI with heavy graphics. Likewise, the player can also choose between a small window or a large window.

Once the player places the bet the game starts and the dealer deals the cards for each player. If you don’t place the bet on time the dealers skip you and continue the game. In Blackjack, the dealers wait for you to make your move. If you are playing Roulette, you can click on the board to place your bet.

Social interaction

Multiple cameras from all angles give the player an immersive experience when playing in online casinos. The live casinos are very interactive and you will be able to chat with the other players and the dealer at all times. In case of the dealer, they reply using their microphone but the players cannot use microphones. They are allowed to use chat alone. Few casinos also offer the Free Mode where you can try out the card games without betting any real money.

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