How to evaluate a live casino bonus?

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Knowing how to evaluate a live casino bonus is very important. Whether you’re a pro or a novice gambler, you’ll regularly need to check whether a bonus is worth taking. If you master the skill of bonus inspection, you can select the right one to increase your bankroll, you can choose a live casino based on the type of bonus it offers, and most importantly, you can avoid getting duped by malignant ones.

Evaluating a live casino bonus takes many steps, but let’s start with a quick recap of the type of casino bonuses out there.

Types of live casino bonuses

  • Deposit bonuses

    Casinos give deposit bonuses for the amount you add to your casino account. It comes in terms of a percentage of your deposit.

  • No-deposit bonuses

    If you come across a no-deposit bonus, it means that the casino is basically giving you money just to sign up. Whether you can withdraw that money is a different question.

  • Free Spins

    Free spins are given out for slot games. With these, you can have some free goes at some or one of the slot machines specified.

  • Cashback bonus

    When you’re down on your luck and have had too many losses, the casino has your back. It gives you a small percentage of your losses in terms of a cashback bonus to cut your losses.

Steps to evaluate a live casino bonus

1. Bonus percentage

Live casino bonuses such as the deposit bonus are offered in terms of a percentage of the amount added to your casino account. The percentage can vary anywhere from a conservative 20% to a reasonable 150% to an insane 300%.

But remember that a bigger bonus percentage doesn’t translate into a bigger bonus amount. Bigger bonus percentages have higher wagering requirements, so it’s best to go with 100 to 200%.

2. Maximum bonus amount

You’ll often see bonuses phrased as “200% bonus up to €50”. This means that the amount you deposit will be doubled only up to a maximum limit of €50. So it’s important that you don’t get misled by the bonus percentage mentioned before the bonus cap. Calculate the exact amount you’ll get depending on your deposit amount and decide whether the bonus is worth taking up.

3. Max bet size

Both bonus percentage and max bet size are specified clearly in any bonus advertisement. But our third factor — the max bet size — is hidden deep within the terms and conditions. The max bet size puts a limit on the size of the bet you can place during a game being played using the bonus money. 

Find the max bet size and see whether the max bet size will severely affect your playstyle.

4. Wagering requirements

Wagering requirements are the minimum amount of money you need to play in bets before you can withdraw your account balance. For example, if you get €100 in bonus and the wagering requirement is 10 times, then you need to spin for €1000 before you can cash out the bonus.

Look for the list of game contributions towards meeting the wagering requirements and calculate whether you can get out with a profit even after meeting them. Also, make sure it’s a non-sticky bonus if you want to make the most of your live casino blist-style-type:disc;color:#4A4A4A;onus.

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