How do I withdraw my winnings?

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So, you are enjoying your wins atUKonline casinos and want to withdraw all your winnings? Read this article to know about various withdrawal option available out there. There are different procedures and policies offered by different casinos. You must read all withdrawal conditions before depositing your money at any casino.

UK online casinos cashout options

Most of the casinos offer different withdrawal options. This is the reason why you must check the number of withdrawal options available before choosing any casino. Now. let’s have a look at different cashout options.


E-wallets like Neteller and Skrill allows you to save your funds in your online account and you can spend and retrieve them whenever you want. Using these you can easily move your money between your bank account and online account. Withdrawal using e-wallets takes usually 2-3 days before the money appears in your account. And if you want to transfer those funds to your bank account then it will also take some time. This service offers a good buffer between your bank account and online casinos which means you can use them without worrying about safety and privacy.

Withdrawals using Credit cards

It is a straightforward method as you only need to give the information of the same card which you used while depositing funds. This will trigger your withdrawal process. This process is quite fast as it will be completed in less than 7 days. This method is extremely safe as your credit card company will take care of safe and secure transactions.

Wire transfer withdrawals on UK online casinos

It is a popular method used by UK online casino players. For using this method, you must choose a reputable casino as you need to share your bank account information. However, it cuts the need for any third party as your bank account will deal directly with the casino. This process will take about 5 to 10 working days and you will get your funds in your bank account.


It is a long-standing method but you can use it if you don’t have any other option available. This is a slow process and requires you to deliver required documents to the casino. The casino will process your request within 10 working days and you will have to wait for some more days for delivery. This option is not for those who want to stay anonymous while playing at UK casinos online as you have to provide your financial information to the casino.

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